3 Must-Haves When Selecting the Best Corporate Movers

If you’ve been running procurement exercises lately, no doubt you’re exhausted. Coordinating the RFP process and trying to get the right people in the room to painstakingly read through responses is a killer, and we get it.

The good news is that when it comes to employee relocations, the process of finding corporate movers and a trusted relocation services provider doesn’t have to be hard.

The Best Corporate Movers

Sure, you can spend hours upon hours researching, combing through the internet, or worse, poring over bid responses to find the best corporate movers. And you’ll find a myriad of options that look good on paper, but there’s still no guarantee that they can really deliver. (Pun intended!) So how do you choose?

The media is replete with story after story of rogue moving companies taking advantage of people in a desperate situation, particularly as our post-COVID supply chain struggles to keep up with a surge in demand. Additionally, many companies are reverting to the “lump sum” policy, where transferring employees are on their own to find a reputable moving company and get to their new location as soon as possible.

Relocating family preparing for new location

The Risk in Selecting Corporate Movers

While this may not be the case for your company, you still risk falling prey to a slick marketing campaign as household goods movers may branch out beyond their vetted agent network to try and meet the demand.

Should something go wrong, they may absorb the cost, but its YOUR employee’s heirloom china that disappeared with no hope of being replaced… and that’s a big ouch for you, the employee, and the company.

How to Find the Best Corporate Movers

To really find the best corporate movers, make sure your finalists have the 3 following qualifications: 

  • Availability – So what if they’re moving thousands of people around the world… you want to make sure they’re available to your company – and your transferees – when you need them. Period.
  • Transparency – In case you haven’t heard, there’s a supply chain crisis going on. Some providers will promise you the moon but underdeliver. Wouldn’t you rather them level with you up front? (The answer is “yes”.)
  • Expertise – With everyone counting on you to select the best option, you don’t want to risk your reputation (and your retention rate) on a newbie move provider.

Do Your Research

At the end of the day, every household goods mover is going to be affected by what’s going on with the supply chain. From driver/worker shortages to port congestion, everyone is feeling the pinch. However, the best corporate movers will be honest with you about shipping delays, unexpected hiccups, and other sudden changes that may affect delivery time.

Remember, a delayed delivery time doesn’t mean that quality has been compromised. The right corporate mover will be able to communicate with the appropriate stakeholders all along the way, which helps to soothe frustrations and ease anxieties. When you are trying to find the best corporate mover, do your research. Making sure that your selected vendor is available, transparent, and experienced can make a world of difference!


At Cartwright Global Mobility, we partner with Cartwright Relocation Services for the household goods moves, and they’ve been moving families around the world since 1934. Our clients benefit from our vetted network of agents and on-the-ground providers across the globe. That’s 89 years of successful move management, from household goods to pets and vehicles, with a typical move averaging around 7,500lbs or less. So whether you’ve got small moves, large moves, or fancy dance moves, we’re interested. Reach out today to find out if we’d be a good fit for your employee relocation needs!

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